Casio Keyboard Music Holders

We carry new and used Casio Music Holders (also called music rests) for the portable  keyboard models that are manufactured in two types. 

One type is the metal music rest which plugs into two  support holes on the top of about  100 different 49 and 61 note size keyboard models built over the years and have a  spread of 17 inches where they insert to the support holes allowing  you to  prop up a book or music sheet against its  metal frame.

The other style of Casio Music Holders are made of plastic and vary in their width ranging from 18 5/8 inches  to 20 inches wide.  At one time there were 5 sizes of these however some are now permanently discontinued by their Asian manufacturers.  We currently stock 3 sizes of these plastic  models which are new,  not used.  The plastic Casio music holders,  sometimes called note stands, insert into a groove or slot on the top of certain Casio Keyboards.  Some of the slots on varied models have 3 indentations inside the slot and that would require the  18 5/8 inch size with protruding legs to slip into the groove.  A few piano models require the plug in base of the holder to be 17 5/8 inches wide, while many models on other Casios insert into the groove that can be up to 20 inches wide.

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