Casio Keyboard Replacement Keys

We have about 20 different sizes of replacement keys. One size does not fit all Casios keyboards.

Tell us with an email what replacement keys you need and your exact model Casio.  We have lots of different keysets here on over 90 Casios.  You can scroll to the bottom of this site to find an email  form for requested parts.  Please be specific about the location of the keys on your instrument.  If you have already removed the keys needing replacement, any identifying numbers and letters on the underside or top of the keys are very helpful to us to get you replacements of the correct size.

Replacement keys are usually part of a set for most Casios newer than 25 years.  As an example, CEGB notes are attached as a set, DFA notes are attached as a set,  and black keys usually are a set of 10 black notes on the lower part of the keyboard.  Sometimes (depending on the keyboards number of black and white keys)  very upper right black keys might have only 5 attached notes.

Used parts are not returnable for trade or credit.

Used keyset costs, assuming we have size keys you need.

CEGB = $6

DFA = $5

Top right DFAC  white note keysets = $6

Bottom left or upper right side (usually 5 whites) =$5  on 76 key instruments like the WK series

10 note Black keyset = $6

Smaller black note keyset = $5

Our (search for and) labor here to remove keys from OUR instrument is $8

Careful  pack and mailing WITHIN the USA is a minimum of $4.00.  A single white keyset when mailed is a 5 ounce package.

We need specific information about your model including note names of your broken keys, location on your instrument, and engraved keyset size part number.

These cannot be ordered online.

To order, please email us with your Casio keyboard model, or call (949)548-6784 daytime California hours.

Replacement Keys Example